an idea was born

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, I developed a love for art as far back as I can remember. Currently based in Toulouse, France I work as a part time artist. I find the inspiration for paintings in nature, landscapes and everyday situations. Having always been a keen traveller, you'll find in my collections scenes taken in far away places such as New Zealand, Australia, Morocco or the USA. 

I'm very much an intuitive painter and I always try to approach my work with a sense of playfulness and fun. To me, creating art is all about finding joy in the process and I hope that comes across in my work. I love to create abstract paintings in both oils and watercolours. I'm most often drawn to flowers because of their delicate beauty, and I find endless inspiration in their colours and shapes that I can’t wait to capture! I love the creative challenge of often switching between such different mediums. My watercolours are light, airy and transparent while my oils are thickly textured  to allow the blooms to appear alive and thriving against the flat, neutral background of the canvas.  



The two main themes of of my work are flowers and bouquets on the one hand, and on the other hand paintings for children and nurseries. Since October 2019 the two ideas are merged into "A daisy a day" & "the cinnamon fox".

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