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Please contact me for any individual ideas

for your personalised painting.

for the child's wellbeing

Engage your child's senses with abstract, colourful and dreamy illustrations!

Surrounding children with uplifting and joyful images & anecdotes is essential to their wellbeing and the development of their imagination. Awakening their curiosity to the world that surrounds them can be a pleasurable and rewarding task for parents and caretakers.

Like any creative projects, the cinnamon fox was not an idea that came to me out of the blue. Instead, the idea was lingering in my mind for a few years.

When my daughter Louise was born, I realised how challenging the decoration and equipment of a nursery is and began to paint again to design her room in accordance with my taste and knowledge of fine art.


I create my paintings using different material like ink, acryl and oil. I attempt a particular style that is far from realistic- portraying a naive, childlike charme.

The outcome are paintings ready to be hung: directly as canvas or framed for all paintings created on watercolour paper.

Available sizes watercolour:

 18 | 24 cm                   40€

 21 | 29 cm                   50€

 30 | 40 cm                   60€

Available sizes oil paintings

 40 | 40 cm                   250€

 40 | 50 cm                   270€

 50 | 70 cm                   340€

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